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Custom Painted Canvas 11x14”

Custom Painted Canvas 11x14”


Painted Canvas-


Customized background & Name(s)...

This Painted Canvas is a 11x14”


Everything is hand painted, with the exception of the permanent vinyl that’s added on for a phrase.


Style options:

•Iron On/Permanent Vinyl—

...would paint a background and use iron-on vinyl for a name/phrase/design


•Hot Mess/Peekaboo—

...would paint random colors, place a stencil, paint over the entire thing in a solid color, then remove the stencil to reveal the ‘hot mess’ colors from underneath


• Paint Pouring—

...would use multiple colors in a free flow pouring tool, and free pour the paints onto the surface


If there’s a specific image/design you would like, use the button below to upload an image/file.

((must *NOT* be copyrighted))

I will verify the design via email and/or chat.


Production time is approximately 3-7 days.

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