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Autumn Sunflower Farmhouse Frame; 9x6”

Autumn Sunflower Farmhouse Frame; 9x6”

$21.50 Regular Price
$12.90Sale Price
Autumn Sunflower Farmhouse Frame

This frame is approximately 9”x6” in size. 

The background was hand painted and distressed. 

Permanent Vinyl was used to create the design. Distressed sharpie was used to color the sunflower. 

There’s a clear layer of epoxy overtop. This helps give a glass-like finish, while preserving the paints and vinyl. 

On the back of the frame, there is one (1) sawtooth hook.

Materials Used:
•9x6” Farmhouse Frame
•Acrylic Paints
•Permanent Vinyl
•Sawtooth Hook
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